Friday, March 11, 2011

Acupuncture And Crohns Disease - Does It Work?

Author: Sharon Dobson

You can have Crohn's disease for quite a long time before your doctor figures out what is wrong with you and gives you the correct diagnosis. This is because the disease has many confusing symptoms, and it can be diagnosed as many other things before the true cause of your misery is found. Your pain and problems may not make any sense until the true diagnosis of Crohn's is made. You may find that the treatments you are getting from your doctor are not enough for you, or you may find that you cannot get relief not matter what you try. Some patients begin to wonder if acupuncture and crohns relief might be things that can go together.

Chineese umbrellasCrohn's disease can be diagnosed at almost any point during adulthood, but there the majority of sufferers find out they have it when they are teenagers. When one or both parents have Crohn's disease, it is likely that their children may develop it also. Ongoing studies are suggesting that Crohn's might also be a result of environment, as spouses are occasionally diagnosed. This would mean it is not just a genetic disease. In most cases, your diagnosis will mean changes in your lifestyle, but it is not normally fatal. There are drugs that are proven to help some patients, but others are looking for a different, more natural approach. This is when they may turn to acupuncture.

This practice has been around for centuries, and has helped patients with the symptoms of Crohn's. You won't know if it will help you unless you try it. This from of alternative medicine is based on the theory that the body is a mass of energy, and there are energy channels running through the body. These are called meridians. When they become blocked for any reason, the energy cannot run freely. This stops the body from healing itself, and that can lead to many health problems. Acupuncture uses tiny needles to activate points along these different meridians to release the energy so that it flows freely and allows the body to regain its balance.

Severe weight loss is a huge problem with those who have Crohn's. The intestines are often the main focus for the disease, and this is why many vitamins and nutrients are not absorbed into the body. Calories are not absorbed, and the body is just not getting what it needs to function properly. Crohn's does not just affect the intestines, however, as it can flare up at point along the digestive tract. When acupuncture is performed on someone with Crohn's disease, the points chosen for the needles will be those that lie along the meridians relating to the digestive system. The points can also be stimulated with the skilled hands of a chiropractor, where pressure rather than needles are used to stimulate the body.

The jury is out as to whether acupuncture and Crohns go together, but there are many that swear by this type of therapy. The best way to find out if it will work for you is to try for yourself. You can usually find a qualified acupuncturist in your own community. Keep in mind that you should continue to seek medical treatment while you are undoing acupuncture and crohns treatment to be sure your body is getting what it needs. Also remember to communicate how you are feeling with both your doctor and acupuncturist to ensure they both know your current condition.

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