Friday, March 18, 2011

Easy Gluten Free Meals Made with Common Everyday Ingredients

I'm looking for suggestions for gluten free meals which don't require a lot of uncommon ingredients and are quick and easy to make. 

I find it challenging to limit gluten in my diet and still keep meals interesting. It's also hard to find some of the ingredients listed for gluten free recipes. We typically eat a lot of fish, turkey and chicken, because red meat is a trigger for me.

I made a nice vegetable soup a few weeks ago and I recently found a neat potato salad idea on line that I may try (see below).

What other easy gluten free meals have you tried with common household ingredients?

Shrimp, Egg and Potato Salad
Take a skinned baked potato with some shrimp, egg mayonnaise and mixed salad. Start by hard boiling the eggs, one they are down let them soak in cold water to cool off. Next heat up the potato in the microwave. Peel the eggs and mix with light mayo and small baby shrimp. Once the potato is done, open and top with the egg and shrimp salad and enjoy a very quick, nutritious and gluten free lunch.

I'd love to hear what you've tried, try them myself and share them here with others.

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